How I Help Couples: My Marriage Counseling Practice in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan

To help you decide if I am the right couples' therapist for your needs, I've provided a general overview here of what it's like to work with me. I've included information on the kind of results my clients have gotten, the values that guide our work, and some background on my approach.

A Breakthrough Approach for Couples

I primarily use one particular type of marriage and relationship therapy, Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, because it is the most effective couples' therapy available. Research studies find it works for 75% of couples -- a success rate dramatically higher than other types of marriage and couples therapy. I have seen firsthand the positive impact it has on many of my clients' marriages and relationships. 

While no reputable therapist can guarantee you a specific result because of the many complexities and unique characteristics of each individual and couple, the following are a few of the positive results I have achieved with clients: 

Transforming Conflict
One of the reasons couples have a tough time solving chronic conflict on their own is that they see the anger and pain, but they don't understand the motivations of their partner. When we're able to help a couple see that fights are often a response to pain and fear about a disconnection in the relationship and a desire for a safe and strong connection with their partner, it's amazing the changes that can happen. One of the most gratifying aspects of my work is to help partners end these negative cycles and rebuild a sense of trust, safety and enjoyment in their relationship. 

Rebuilding Closeness
Do you remember that almost intoxicating feeling of closeness that you once had with your partner - often feeling like it was the two of you against the world? Life has a way of throwing obstacles and distractions that disconnect us from our partner and obliterate that sense of closeness, but it doesn't have to stay that way. I have helped couples create a new and even stronger emotional connection by providing them the insight and strategies they needed to rebuild it. 

Rekindling Romance and Improving Your Sex Life
Deterioration in a couple's sex life is often related to other emotional disconnections they are experiencing. One of the benefits of improving a couple's relationship is that their sex life often significantly improves as well. And when a difference in sexual desire occurs in an otherwise healthy relationship, there are ways to bridge the gap and avoid creating feelings of rejection and inadequacy to protect the relationship.   

Rebuilding Trust After Infidelity
When a husband, wife or partner cheats, it results in a type of wound and trauma to a relationship, but it doesn't have to be a fatal wound. In fact, if a relationship is given the right type of care by both partners, I have seen couples heal and strengthen their relationship.

Saving Your Marriage From Divorce
It is in fact possible to save many troubled marriages from divorce. I have seen a number of couples who were on the brink of divorce find a way to restore and heal their relationships. Where reconciliation was not possible, I have also helped couples who were about to divorce engage in couples therapy for the purpose of healing relationship trauma and building a less hostile relationship with their soon to be ex-spouse. This is a way to protect both themselves and their children from the long-term damage that ongoing hostility post-divorce often has on their children's emotional and physical health as well as their own health.


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