Hope for Common Marriage Problems
and Relationship Conflicts

Some people think that successful relationships are built on the absence of conflict, but the reality is often very different. In fact, many successful relationships have encountered significant problems and conflicts that had to be worked through. Are you experiencing any of the following common marriage problems that are threatening your relationship?

Arguing a Lot?
Do conversations with your partner often turn into heated arguments? Do you feel like you keep getting stuck in the same argument? Do interactions with your partner often end up with one or both of you feeling angry, sad, fearful or ashamed? 

Feeling Distant or Becoming Strangers?
Are you feeling more disconnected from your partner or spouse? Do you ever feel rejected or abandoned? Do you sometimes feel lonely and alone even when you are together? Would you like to regain the feeling of closeness you once had?

Unhappy with Your Sex Life?
Are one of you much less interested or no longer interested in sex? Does one of you often feel sexually rejected? When you do have sex, does it often feel empty or passionless like you're just going through the motions? Would you like to reclaim the passion and enjoyment you once had? 

Is Infidelity An Issue or Worry?
Do you suspect or know that your husband has cheated, wife has cheated or that your partner cheated? Are you thinking about getting involved with someone else or have you already been involved with someone else emotionally or physically? Do you need to heal the trauma of infidelity and rebuild the relationship?   

Worried About Divorce or Break-Up?
Has divorce or separation come up during your conversations or crossed your mind? Is your relationship ever so painful that divorce or breaking-up seems like the best solution? Is your marriage already heading for divorce but you wonder if there's still a chance to save it? 

New Hope and Better Odds For Troubled Couples

If you are experiencing one or more of the above issues, it does not necessarily mean that your relationship is doomed. In fact, there is greater hope for relationships in trouble today than ever before due to recent breakthroughs in couples counseling. 

I help couples by using a well-researched and widely-acclaimed new approach called Emotionally Focused Therapy - a dramatically better way to help couples versus old methods of marriage and couples counseling. To find additional information on this approach, it's impressive track record and how it may help your relationship, click here!