Recognizing Anxiety and Depression Symptoms
and Those of Other Common Conditions

Therapists help clients solve a wide range of conditions and problems. Here are some questions that may be helpful in recognizing potential symptoms, particularly those often reported with anxiety and depression: 

Feeling Depressed or Low?

Have you lost your optimism and energy? Does your thinking seem "fuzzier" and less clear than usual? Would you like to regain or more consistently maintain your sense of hope about your future and be more energized in your life? 

Feeling Distant or Disconnected from Others?

Are you feeling more disconnected from the people in your life? Do you seem much less interested in seeing the people that you used to enjoy spending time with? Would you like to regain the sense of connection and the enjoyment you used to have with others? 

Frequently Feel Anxious or Worried?

There's no doubt that the we live in a stressful time, but do you worry so much that it's interfering with doing the things you need to do? Has your worry and anxiety become a major energy drain? Would you like to learn how to reduce your anxiety and achieve greater peace of mind while not ignoring your real challenges, but taking action on those things that are within your control? 

Is Your Self-Confidence Low? Do You Constantly Criticize Yourself?

When you look at yourself lately, do you tend to focus on your flaws, failures and problems? Do you have an "inner critic" that is constantly beating you up? Would you like to have a stronger sense of your accomplishments and strengths and enjoy greater self-confidence in your relationships and what you do?   

Do You Sabotage Your Success or Do Self-Destructive Things on "Auto-Pilot"?

Find yourself doing the wrong things impulsively when you know they are holding you back in your life? Do you too often avoid or procrastinate taking better and healthier actions that will help you get the life you deserve? Would you like to reduce or eliminate the times you are your own worst enemy and enjoy greater control of your actions?

Don't Suffer Needlessly - Help is Available

If any of these symptoms of anxiety and depression or other possible conditions are negatively affecting the quality of your life or that of someone you know, it likely is an issue you should discuss with a qualified mental health professional. 

The good news is that if you are suffering from such a condition, there are a variety of treatments available, including psychotherapy, that have been successful in helping many people in similar situations get increased control of their lives and feel healthier, happier, and back on track. To learn more, just click here.